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VIP Profitable Business Owner 

VIP Profitable Business 

Owner program

Business Conference

Profitable Business Owner Step-by Step Program for  Starting & Running a Successful Business

This is one of the most comprehensive 12 WEEKS program for building strong foundation for your business

”The Profitable Business Owner” PROGRAM is Blueprint

for the benefit of both new and experienced business owners.

It’s designed to provide you with a step-by-step system for building a profitable and fulfilling business.

Whether you are just starting out or have a few years experience under your belt, these program will help you create the business you really want – one in which you make money, enjoy the work you do, and live life you desire.

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • You’re working hard but not seeing the big result

  • You’re starting to wonder if it’s possible to enjoy the flexible schedule you want

  • You know you’re working too many hours but feel like you have to continue

  • You’ve just started or are planning to start a business

  • You aren’t experiencing the level of success but your personal life is suffering

  • You are earning decent money but you don’t enjoy the work you’re doing

  • You have many clients but still aren’t making enough money

In this Blueprint : Starting & Managing Your Business that consist of 13 Weeks, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design your business around your ideal life

  • Create a profit-producing business plan

  • Conduct a competitive analysis

  • Identify distinctions that increase the value you offer ( & the price you charge)

  • Hone in on niche markets for your service

  • Create systems that ensure you stay track toward your goals

  • Develop short- and long- term, business budgets

  • Create sales projections for the coming year

  • Use your time in ways that result in big profits

Here is outline for you:

WEEK 1: The Life of a Business Owner

  • Living The Dreams

  • Climbing The Right Mountain

  • Identifying Your Life Purpose

  • Developing Your Life Vision

Tools: Life Purpose Questionnaire

Life Vision Template

Life Vision Script

WEEK 3: Analyzing Your Competition

  • Getting To Know Your Competitors

  • Conducting A Competitive Analysis

  • Tools: Competitive Analysis Chart

  • Competitive Analysis Questionnaire

WEEK 5: Selecting & Segmenting Your Target Market

  • Segmenting Your Target Market

  • Tools: Target Market Finder, Target Market Segment Script

WEEK 7: Creating you Goal Tracking System

  • Tracking Your Progress

  • Using 3- year Planner

  • Using the yearly Planner

  • Using the monthly Planner

  • Using the weekly Planner

  • Using the Daily Planner

  • Tools: 3- Planner

  • Yearly Planner, Monthly Planner,  Weekly Planner, Daily Planner

WEEK 2: Creating Your Business Vision

  • Understanding The roles You must Play

  • Developing Your Business Vision

  • Creating Your Organizational Chart

  • Tools: Business Vision Template

  • Business Vision Script

WEEK 4: Defining Your Service Offering

  • Identifying Your Service Distinction

  • Defining Your Core Mission

  • Positioning Your Business Using Niche(s)

  • Selecting Your Service Niche

  • Tool: Service Distinction Worksheet

WEEK 6: Setting Your Strategic Goals

  • Setting Strategic Goals

  • Brainstorming The Possibilities

  • Narrowing Your Fields Of Focus

  • Tools: Goal Setting Mind map, Goal Setting Worksheet, Goal Achievement Chart

WEEK 8: Setting Your Financial Goals

  • Understanding Your Finances

  • Developing Your Lifestyle Budget

  • Envisioning Your Desired Lifestyle

  • Developing A Savings Plan

  • Calculating Your Gross Income

  • Developing Your Business Budget

  • Tools: Budget Formula Worksheet

  • 1-Year Lifestyle Budget, 1-year Business Budget, 3-Year Business Budget

WEEK 9 : Developing Your Business Plan

  • Focusing On Your Core Business

  • Running One Business At A Time

  • Reviewing Your Progress

  • Tools: Profit-Making Business Plan

WEEK 11: Managing Your Business

  • Tracking Your Income

  • Tracking Your Hourly Income

  • Tracking Your Monthly Income

  • Tracking Your Expenses

  • Tools: Hourly Income Tracker, Monthly Income Tracker, Expenses Tracke

WEEK 10 : Managing Your Business: Staying On Course

  • Straying Off Course
    Using The Friday Checklist
    Using The Monthly Checklist
    Tools: Friday Checklist

  • Monthly Checklist

WEEK 12: Managing Your Business:

Prioritizing Goals & Making Smart Decisions

  • Avoiding the Enemy- Busywork

  • Understanding the basic of Prioritization

  • Prioritizing Your Business Activities

  • Making Quick Decisions

  • Weighing Your Options

  • Tools: Quick Prioritize /Decision-Maker

  • Prioritizing Optimizer, Decision Matrix

WEEK 13: Managing Your Business: Getting Things Done In The Time You Have

  • The Life Of A Juggler

  • Focusing Your Efforts

  • Chunking Your Time

  • Tracking How to Spend Your Time

  • Managing Your Time

  • Avoiding The Common Pitfalls of Time Management

  • Tools: Time Tracker, Time Tracker Analyzer

This Is VIP Program includes:

  • 12 Modules for 12 Weeks-                                   Value $4595

  • 12 – 60 min Coaching Sessions                             Value $1995

  • BONUS: 10 Days Business Turnaround System     Value $300

  • Bonus: Set up a System for Attracting and Gaining More Clients on Trade Show

  • Bonus: Create and Develop Program for Consulting as  (Unique in Your Industry) Consultant

The Program Total Value $6995

Your Investment is

only $995 per month or

$2595 (if paid in full)

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