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Laser Breakthrough Strategic Session 

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Focused, One-on-One Support and Guidance to Rev Up Your Biz Success and Get You Back on Track


  • Not making enough money and need to know how to change that?
  • Are prospects always telling you, “that's too expensive/costs too much!”
  • Are you working with clients who drain you, but you're afraid of losing the money?
  • Need some direction on what to do to get back on track with your business and marketing?
  • Want some spot support, not a long-term program?
  • Are you new in business, overwhelmed with info and don't know where to focus or what to start working on first?
  • Are you working like a dog and STILL not making enough money?


First, I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you.


Growing a business is a journey!


It's easy for me as a Intuitive Business Strategist to Help my clients and see what needs to be done for them, but as you know it  can be really tough to see our own blind spots and obstacles to success. Even I need the help and guidance of my own mentors and advisors on occasion.


It's a common phenomenon, sort of a "can't see the forest for the trees" kind of thing. We're simply too close to our own businesses to clearly see the issues that might be holding us back, taking us off-course and impeding our path to success.


I can help you get back on track with quick, expert guidance.

I help people become well-earning experts and leaders of their own business as Intuitive business Strategist.


You’ll get great clarity and a good measure of strategizing along with practical advice and guidance about what to focus on and do next so that you can get un-stuck and start moving forward again in your business with renewed vision and energy!


I’ll be asking you some targeted questions, taking a look at your biz set-up and website, and then giving you some concrete steps, tasks and/or strategies to make improvements and start seeing more results.


What Qualifies Me to Help You


I have owned 5 businesses and my background spanning over 20 years. I've been in this business since 1995.  I have a proven track record of helping others all around the world find success and financial reward in this profession since 2010.


Who I Work With


  • I work strictly with those who are specifically in the business of strategic support.
  • I work mostly with business owner and holistic practitioners in Alternative and Energy Healing industry  and those who want to become even more successful in this industry.
  • I work with professionals who are serious about their business and fully committed to making it a success.
  • Those who are passionate, determined and ready to do the work and whatever it takes.
  • Those who are ready to stop being (and calling themselves) just practitioners, but who wants to become well-earning experts and leaders of their own business 

Who I Can't Help

  • Anyone who is not serious about their business and only dabbling in it as a hobby or side money.
  • Anyone who has not already done their own homework and fully studied, researched and read the all website, blog and resources.
  • Anyone who is not in the business of administrative support. If you are or want to be a web designer or marketing pro or social media consultant, etc., I cannot help you. Those are different fields altogether and you need to look to those professions for guidance.
  • Anyone who is running or wants to build a "virtual staffing" or "team" based model. I strictly help those in the business of providing one-on-one administrative support to clients they work with in ongoing, collaborative partnering relationships.
  • Anyone who isn't ready, willing and able to do the work.
  • Anyone who is stuck in assistant mentality.

Cost & Details

  • Introductory session (Lets get to know each other) -                                               60 min -$ 199.00 OR first time special $111                                                           30 min - $ 99.00   OR first time special $79                                                           15 min - $ 59.00 OR first time special $39
  • An individual 2-hour session is $399 (You get back Value $10,000)
  • Sessions are conducted by phone or by SKYPE (ZOOM).
  • Sessions are held  only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (U.S. Standard Time)
  • Only 4-5 spots will be filled additional per month, so first come, first served. These slots go pretty quickly
  • (I'm usually booked a week in advance) so it's best to reserve your spot by getting your submission form and payment in immediately.

What You Get

  • Up to two hours of my undivided attention during our session.
  • My candid, considered and qualified advice and recommendations (based on my vast experience and expertise in this field) for moving forward, finding direction and getting you unstuck.
  • An audio recording of our session so you can re-listen any time you want a refresher.
  • A email recap/summary of our call and my recommended next steps and strategy for moving forward.
  • A follow-up email from me one to two weeks after our session to see how you are progressing.

What to Expect Once Your Session Is Secured

  • I may have some clarifying questions and homework for you prior to our call.
  • Be prepared to follow-through. I don't want my time or yours wasted so treat me and any assignment I give you with the level of competence and initiative you'd want a client to experience.

How to Get Started

  1. Complete the form below and describe the trouble area or particular struggle you are having in your business.
  2. Upon review of your submission, I may email you back with some clarifying questions.
  3. You then be directed to the payment page to pay for your session in advance.
  4. Once your fee has been submitted, I will be in contact with you by email to coordinate the date and time for our telephone session. I look forward to talking with you!

What We Offer

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