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Curriculum Vitae 

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Certain traits that can BENEFIT YOU:

  • Capable of multitasking

  • Diverse skill set

  • Broad knowledge base

  • Action-oriented

  • Influential

  • Improvisational

  • Comfortable with uncertainty

  • Objective

  • Visionary

  • Top-down leader

  • Communication skills

Below you will find my Curriculum Vitae:


I am a hands-on professional providing innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and expertise in driving revenue and profit growth. I orchestrate strategies that can generates strong sales in new business.  I have Skills in relationship building, presentations, negotiations.


  • Hurricane Marketing Enterprise (Health Care Marketing) 2016

  • Certified Entrepreneur, CEO Space International

  • Personal and Business Growth Coach and Consultant, CoachU University, 

  • NLP and Effective Communication Training, Success for Life Foundation, 

  • Marketing and Business Building Training, Piranha Marketing, 2001

  • Personal Development Training, Piranha Marketing

Core Competences

  • Change Management

  • P&L Management/Budgeting

  • Business Realignment

  • Acquisition Integration

  • Organization Building & Restructuring 

  • Business Strategy

  • Increase Shareholder Value

  • Market Analysis 

  • Sales Team Motivation and Leadership


Key Prime Marketing, Owings Mills, MD  21117 (2017)

•    Provides vision in marketing, communications, and sales enterprise.
•    Leads the development and implementation of best-practice-driven comprehensive marketing, communications, revenue enhancement, and           sales plans.

•    Oversees web communications, including design, branding, and strategic execution of KPM's website and other web properties and assets.
•    Designs and implements strategies for optimizing revenue from new and existing sources such as membership dues, print and digital                     advertising, content marketing, publications, meetings and exhibition revenue, and other products and services.
•    Leads the development, implementation, and assessment of marketing, communications, and sales metrics, as well as other analytics.


Natalology, Owings Mills, MD 21117 (2014-2016)

As the Chief Growth Strategist (CGS), I'm responsible for introducing ever more creative ways to grow better, not just bigger.

Specialize in ideation, lean startups, sales development strategies, strategic marketing planning, and growth marketing.

•    Implemented a consistent contract-management process, incorporating negotiations, scope, fees and terms.
•    Instituted new sales tracking methodologies that improved accountability and performance
•    Increased customer retention and profitability; fostered key relationships and single point entry strategy.  
•    Formulated and executed strategies to build business and attract acquisition interest. 
•    Develop data-driven strategies, including the use of advanced marketing analytics, for all marketing, communications, and sales activities.


Fairfield Resort, Alexandria, VA

Responsible for developing new business and enhancing customer experience. 


  • Set marketing and sales direction, goals, and strategies for company.

  • Identified new markets and distribution channels.

  • Analyze existing operational activities and initiate the changes required to increase productivity and profitability.

  • Expanded market share by revising distribution strategies

  • Built name recognition

  • Strengthened sales volume in designated target markets

  • Built company sales organization from ground zero, conceptualizing and realizing strategic plan.

  • Sustained strong revenue gains despite a fiercely competitive and declining market.

  • Cultivated relationships with customer base, reestablishing company, products and  services, as well as uncovering

     new customer needs.​

Advertising/Research Manager

Best Handymen Services, Owings Mills, 21117​

  • Responsible for all advertising/marketing campaigns to grow and maintain product awareness and market share.

  • Supervised the development of newspaper/magazine ads, and brochures from concept and rough layout to final presentation.

  • Gather and analyze market research to develop product and brand strategies.

Additional  Ways to Grow Your Business : 

Come Up with Growth Ideas: Test Idea, Analyze Data, Adjust, Improve, Repeat
Figure Out Inbound & Outbound Lead Generation Methods
Develop Strategic Digital Marketing Plans: social, content and growth hacks
Advise on Sale Development Models & Business Processes
Test Landing Pages, Email Campaigns & Content
 Data Analysis of Business Intelligence & Analytics
Test New Business Concepts for Startups or Existing Businesses
 Develop Sales Presentations and Phone Scripts based on Market Research


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