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Have YOU Ever Experienced
Intuitive Laser-Accurate Consultation?
You may ask yourself:”What is Intuitive Laser-Accurate Consultation?”
Imagine having a customized “LEAP-Forward” Action Plan complete with at least 3 immediate, effective strategies to make breakthrough  in your life or increase your business profit all in just 45 minutes. 
Is that even possible?

This IS POSSIBLE, I Guarantee It !!!


Together we can have even greater results.
So, let me introduce myself: 

My name is Alexander Alperovich. I am YOUR Visionary and Intuitive Laser-Accurate Strategist and Your Guiding Star.

My clients have described me as smart, intuitive, laser-accurate, and a passionate person, who combines his real world experience with strategic acumen, guiding clients to achieve powerful results that deliver a great return on investment


In addition to that, I am also have a gift known as of Claircognizance:
“Claircognizance – the ability of INTUITIVE person to acquire intuitive knowledge in order to gain full understanding of the why or how of situation. 

Here is a key difference between YOUR thoughts and person who ARE claircognizant:
When you’re thinking, your conscious mind is in control. When you receive information from claircognizant, his conscious mind is only observing the information that is coming in and interpret it – it is not just a thinking process.

When your Thoughts (Ego-Based vs. Spirit-Based * ) are busy trying to protect you from failure, embarrassment or disappointment, Claircognizant person help you to transcends those fears and it comes from a place of wisdom. 

By working with me you’ll get UNIQUE Guidance that I receive from the Source/Universe specifically geared to your project that you wouldn’t hear from anybody else.

This is much more than just the strategies or tactics. It could be YOUR BLUEPRINT for life.

So what you will experience?
You’ll Experience a Intuitive Laser Consultation and Powerful Messages from the Universe, 
you’ll discover the path that will release you from the burdens of your obstacles. 
You’ll experience the joy of blissful freedom and true success! 

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“Alexander has proven to be the answer to my prayers!!! I am ecstatic!!
I have known for years that I needed to do some very “specific things” to build my business and so I invested a lot of money, time, and energy with various programs. Years later, I’m still needing to get these done, and I’m much less trusting when offers like Alexander’s come my way.

For some divine reason, I was drawn to respond to Alexander’s $111 offer. Based on our ensuing phone conversation regarding my business, along with his money-back guarantee, I chose to trust one more time and committed to working with Alexander for 90 days. I had a strong sense that I had everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

We have been working together for two weeks now. My experience with Alexander so far is that he is a man of his word, he has a massive network and is connecting me, he keeps very regular contact with me, he cares about my success, and he is committed to over delivering. To me, he goes above and beyond. I’m so happy and excited because some of those “specific things” are already getting done, and we have a plan to accomplish them all. I am thrilled, and can hardly wait to see all that we will accomplish in the remainder of our 90 days working together!!!

I knew 90 days were going to go by anyway, and these first 14 days with Alexander have been filled with rewarding work that is accelerating my business growth and expanding it’s reach exponentially! I am now truly confident that my dreams will be fully realized very soon!!!
If you knew what I now know about working with Alexander, you would be dialing his number right now!!!”

Monica Munro
Artist, Singer, Inspirational Speaker

The Intuitive Laser Consultation is
your private 45 minute session
that is PACKED with
every essential tactic, skill, secret and ... One-to-One Consultation.


During the laser session we work on ONE issue that you want to have a breakthrough.
I send a questionnaire to you prior to the call so you can get focused and prepared for our time together.
Each Intuitive Laser-Accurate Consultation session focuses on  one specific goal, issue, or project. We’ll identify where things got stuck, brainstorm solutions, and list possible action steps you can take to move forward. I will then guide you to which of these possibilities is best for you.
This is a completely unique opportunity available on a VERY limited basis, depending on my availability, so if you’re eager to gain clarity about the next steps in your process of Living by Your Universal Plan, don’t even think about delaying to contact me. I look forward to your call!


In as little as a forty five minutes, you’ll:

how to break down your goal so you have a simple strategy to “bee line” straight to your goal.


Have at least three action steps towards your goal


Gain access to some of my favorite resources, so you work smarter, not harder

Walk away with fresh energy and motivation to take action and get it done!

This process works with almost any project or goal—whether they are brand-new ideas, stuck projects, or goals in process that need a boost to get moving again.


Regular price for this specialized service is $199

This ThanksGiving Day SPECIAL PROMOTION is available at
45% Discount  for Limited Time…

Only $111 dollars 
for a forty- five minutes intuitive laser- accurate session …

I want you to be able to get to know my ability
to help you move forward, at a very affordable investment,
and with  guaranteed results.

Until ThanksGiving Day November 26, 2020

You’ll come away with new inspiration, a new focus, and great next steps.
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.” –Henry Ford

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To get started, just click the link below
to add your laser-accurate session to the shopping cart.

Checkout is simple, you can use your credit card, debit card, or Paypal account.

Then,We’ll together schedule the time to talk, and I’ll send you a simple pre-call worksheet to help you clarify your problem issue to be addressed.

Should you need ongoing support, I’ll give you my best rates on additional sessions.
Act now… there are only a limited number of appointments available!

Fill out the form here or Just Click a link Below:


“It is my honor to support Alexander and offer my testimonial ! My experience at CEO Space was enhance 1000 fold by Alexander’s follow through. He is kind, thoughtful and a superb business man who will assist you every way possible. Along with being a a great connector I have found him to truly be a great new friend. It is also very comforting to know that he dreams big … for everyone.”

Donna Collins


Your Promotional Price is Good Until May 22, 2019
Fill Out the FORM below to receive:

Email me and let’s set up your “Visionary Intuitive Laser- Accurate Consultation” over the phone now  

These are scheduled as needed and held via telephone or SKYPE (MasterMind Partner)


Other Services are Available:



Designed for those who want to get on the fast track to immediate results, this intensive consulting experience packs 6 months of consulting into one day.


VIP Days are conducted away from your office and distractions.



Structured yet tailored to you and your needs, the Elite One-on-One Consulting Program provides maximum impact to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.



Identify and define specific goals to be achieved that are in alignment with your vision an



Create a strategy and action plan to achieve those goals faster



Identify and address limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back



Provide strategy implementation guidance



Provide support, encouragement and accountability to ensure that you stay focused and follow the plan



Combines a quick start VIP Day that provides strategizing and trouble-shooting to achieve immediate results, with the long-term support of on-going one-on-one consulting.


To get started, just click the link below to add your laser coaching session to the shopping cart. 

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Or contact me about my other services


Alexander Alperovich
Your Guiding Star
Mastermind Partner Behind Successful Companies 

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